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Product Authenticity
Q: Why the packing of products sold by PC Beauty looks different compare with retail stores?

A: Since PC Beauty's purchasing team is searching product among wolrdwide, including manufacturer, distributors etc. thereofre, sometimes those labeling and packing may be vary from different countries or regions (e.g. culture or seasonal special reasons). Products sold by PC Beauty are 100% authentic goods, no doubt, in terms of the product quality and authenticity. Meanwhile, PC Beauty offers the best price for you!

Product Shelf-life
Q: How long is the shelf-life for my purchased item?
A: PC Baeuty generally sell the  products with at least 12 months (Counted on the order shipping date), except items with shelf-life specification. 

Promotion Code (Discount / Free Gift)
Q: Why my promotion code is not working?

A: Promotion code is case sentitive when input. Also, each promotion code is restricted by the promotion' terms and condition , e.g. promotion period, quota  etc.

Q: What can I do if I missed to apply the promotion code but my order is submitted?

A: If you missed to apply the promotion code after settling the payment, you are welcome to send us e-mail to cs@pcbl.hk to request order cancellation and make an re-order. 
The order cancellation will charge 5% on the total discounted amount as administrative fee (counted per order) and it can be cancelled only if the order status remains as "Pending". We will send an e-mail and inform you once completed the cancellation.